Words: The Psalter, 1912, alt.

Music: Lowell Mason, 1824

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My pleading cry to God I raise,
to God my voice imploring prays;
before His face my grief I show,
and tell my trouble and my woe.

When griefs uncounted compass me,
You know the path I cannot see,
and every pit the wicked lay
to snare Your servant in his way.

All unprotected, Lord, I stand,
no friendly guardian at my hand,
no place of flight or refuge near,
and none to whom my soul is dear.

I cry to You, O Lord, and say,
"You are my Refuge and my Way.
You are my Shelter from the strife,
my Portion in the land of life."

Hear my request, my sorrow's song,
for I am weak and foes are strong;
my captive soul from prison bring,
and thankful praises I will sing.

Then shall the righteous gather round
to share the blessing I have found,
their hearts rejoicing when they see
how richly God has dealt with me.