Words: The Psalter, 1912, alt.

Music: Genuine Church Music; 1st ed., 1832; harm. J. Harold Moyer, 1965; alt.

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Now the King in Your strength shall be joyful, O Lord,
Your salvation shall make Him rejoice;
for the wish of His heart You did freely accord,
the request of His suppliant voice.

All the blessings of goodness You freely did give;
with the purest of gold He is crowned;
when He asked life of You, then You made Him to live
and Your presence has gladdened His heart.

By salvation from You has His fame spread abroad,
You His glory and grace did impart;
You have made Him most blessed forever, O God,
and Your presence has gladdened His heart.

For the King in the strength of Jehovah Most High
did unwavering confidence place;
on the name of Jehovah He still will rely,
and shall stand evermore in His grace.
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Music: Public domain

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