Words: The Psalter, 1912, alt.

Music: Julius Dietrich, 1894

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Now with joyful exultation
let us to the Lord sing praise;
to the Rock of our salvation
loud hosannas let us raise;
thankful tribute gladly bringing,
let us come before Him now,
and, with psalms His praises singing,
joyful in His presence bow.

For, how great a God, and glorious,
is the Lord of whom we sing;
over idol gods victorious,
great is He, our God and King.
In His hand are earth's deep places,
His the strength of all the hills;
His the sea whose bounds He traces,
His the land His bounty fills.

To the Lord, such might revealing,
let us come with rev'rence meet,
and, before our Maker kneeling,
let us worship at His feet.
He is our own God who leads us,
we the people of His care;
with a shepherd's hand He feeds us
as His flock in pastures fair.

While He offers peace and pardon
let us hear His voice today,
lest, if we our hearts should harden,
we should perish in the way;
lest to us, so unbelieving,
He in judgment should declare:
"You, so long My Spirit grieving,
never in My rest can share."