Words: David P. Regier

Music: Samuel S. Wesley, 1864

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O God, my heart is steadfast,
I sing within my soul.
Awaken morning's splendor;
Let harp and lyre extol!
With all the world, I thank You,
And with the nations praise
Your truth and lovingkindness,
Beyond the heavens raised.

Above the heav'ns exalted,
And glory o'er the earth;
Your people come to praise You,
Proclaim to all Your worth.
We call on You to answer;
From dangers dark and grave
Deliver Your beloved,
Stretch out Your hand and save!

The Lord our God has spoken
By His own holy Word;
With helmet and with scepter,
His people shall He gird.
As He calls forth His vict'ry
For those He claims His own,
Our God shall reign triumphant
As foes are overthrown.

O Lord, are we forsaken?
Will You not aid our fight?
Against our foes be mighty
And save us from our plight!
False hope is man's deliv'rance
Against the enemy;
Through God we shall be valiant;
In Him our victory!
Words: © 2019 David P. Regier. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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