Words: Harriet Auber, 1830, alt.

Music: Thomas Haweis, 1792

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O God, our strength, to You our song
with grateful hearts we raise;
to You, and You alone belong
all worship, love, and praise.

In sorrow's dark and stormy hour
Your ear has heard our prayer,
and graciously Your arm of pow'r
has saved us from despair.

You are a long-forgiving Lord,
who keeps Your promise still,
so let us listen to Your word
and seek to do Your will.

Led by the light that grace imparts,
we bow to You alone;
no foreign gods shall tempt our hearts,
no works of wood or stone.

With flowing honey, finest grain,
O Lord, Your people feed;
turn back our foes to dust again,
and be our God indeed!
Words: This version © 2020 Grace Immanuel Bible Church
Music: Public domain

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