Words: Sing Psalms, 1997

Music: Hugh Wilson, c. 1800

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O hear my cry, my righteous God;
relieve me from despair.
Display Your mercy to me now,
and listen to my prayer.

The glory of my name, O men,
how long will you despise?
How long will you delude yourselves,
still searching after lies?

Know that the Lord has set apart
the godly as His own.
The Lord will hear me when I call
and my request make known.

In anger do not break God's law;
consider and be still.
present a righteous sacrifice,
and wait upon His will.

"O who can show us any good?"
I hear so many say.
O Lord, shine on us with Your light;
show us Your face, I pray.

You filled my heart with greater joy
than others may have found
as they rejoiced at harvest time,
when wine and grain abound.

I will lie down and sleep in peace;
my heart will rest secure:
for You alone, O gracious Lord,
will keep me safe, secure.
Words: © Free Church of Scotland, Psalmody Committee. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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