Words: Matthew Searles

Music: Gustav Holst, 1918

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O King, You are most worthy, of men You are the best.
Your words and true and gracious, You are forever blessed.
Take up Your sword in splendor, ride forth in majesty,
for justice and mercy and true humility.
Your arrows pierce Your enemies, You march across the land.
The peoples and the nations against You cannot stand.

Your throne will last forever. With justice You shall reign.
You love all that is righteous and hate all evil gain.
So God has richly blessed You with joy abundantly.
Your robes are all fragrant. Your courts are ivory.
There princesses attend You, sweet music from of old.
Your future queen awaits You arrayed in finest gold.

O bride, forsake all others. Don't give your love abroad.
The King desires your beauty, so honor Him, your Lord.
The gown He gives is glorious; the threads are twined with gold,
in shimmering colors, the envy of the world.
A joyful crowd is with her, with gladness now they sing,
and finally she enters the palace of the King.

This King will reign forever, His sons upon the earth,
and every generation will tell of His great worth.
All nations will soon praise Him and fall down at His feet.
His kingdom established, where truth and mercy meet.
O Jesus we adore You, our Lover and our King.
Your church, Your bride is waiting and so to You we sing.
Words: © 2013 Matthew Searles. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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