Words: David P. Regier

Music: David P. Regier

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O Lord, my God, in You
My refuge e'er shall be.
From those who seek my harm,
O Lord, deliver me.
For as the lion seeks
To drag my soul away,
If there is none to save,
My soul will be his prey.

O Lord, my God, if I
Have sin upon my hands,
Or if I have done wrong
To him who was my friend;
If I have plundered him
Who needless casts me down,
Let him pursue and lay
My glory to the ground.

Arise, O Lord, in wrath,
Against my enemy.
You have Your judgment sworn;
rise up and fight for me.
As You return on high
Your people to address,
You vindicate me, Lord,
In faith and righteousness.

O bid the wicked end;
Establish righteousness.
O good and holy God,
Our hearts and minds assess.
My shield is with the Lord,
Who saves the upright heart.
He in His anger bids
All evil to depart.

If man does not repent,
God readies sword and bow;
His weapons fast and sure
All evil shall o'erthrow.
The wicked shall receive
Their wrong as their redress;
I will give thanks, and praise
Our God in righteousness.
Words and Music: © 2019 by David P. Regier. Used by permission.

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