Words: Evangelical Psalter

Music: American folk tune, Funk's Genuine Church Music, 1832

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O Lord, we have heard, for the Scriptures have told,
what wonders were wrought in those great days of old,
when rebels were judged and expelled by Thy hand,
cast out that Thy people might dwell in the land.

Thy people gained not by the pow'r of the sword,
for mere human strength could no conquest afford;
but Thy right hand saved, and the light of Thy face,
because of Thy favor and wonderful grace.

Our God will not go with the confident hosts,
nor bless when His people are full of vain boasts;
He'll turn us away from the foe in dismay,
and spoilers—who hate us—shall make us a prey.

Like sheep to the slaughter the churches are giv'n,
dispersed and obscured, among nations are driv'n;
now silenced, and captive, and counting for nought,
their schemes and endeavours no increase have brought.

No trust shall we place in our strength to defend,
on nothing of ours shall we dare to depend;
all proud self-reliance will bring us to shame,
we'll trust in Thy way, and go forth in Thy name.

O pour down Thy Spirit, empower Thy word,
grant zeal and obedience and love for Thee, Lord;
once more, by Thy might, we shall triumph and sing,
and souls shall be gathered for Jesus our King.
Words: © The Wakeman Trust. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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