Words: The Psalter, 1912, alt.

Music: Henry Carey, 1723

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Oh, come before the Lord, our King,
and in His presence let us sing;
let us in gladness all our days
the Rock of our salvation praise;
before Him come with thankful song,
in joyful psalms His praise prolong.

Almighty pow'r the Lord maintains,
exalted over all He reigns;
He holds the valleys in His hand,
He makes the mighty mountains stand;
to Him belong both land and sea,
Creator of the world is He.

Oh, come and let us worship now,
before our Maker let us bow;
we are His sheep; He is our God,
He feed our souls in pastures broad;
He safely leads us in the way;
oh come and heed His voice today.

Take heed and harden not your heart
as did our fathers, nor depart
from God to follow in their ways;
for with complaints instead of praise,
with doubt instead of faith confessed,
they put His mercy to the test.

Take heed that you provoke Him not
as did your fathers, who forgot,
with straying heart, God's holy ways
and grieved Him all their sinful days;
to whom in wrath Jehovah swore,
"My promised rest they shall not know."