Words: Dustin Battles

Music: Traditional English melody

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Out of the depths I cry to You!
Do not ignore my plea.
My voice cries out for mercy, Lord,
so hear and answer me, O Lord,
so hear and answer me.

If You, Lord, kept a record of
the wrongs that I have done,
Lord, who of us could ever stand
before Your righteous throne, O Lord,
before Your righteous throne.

O why would You forgive our sins,
our deep iniquity?
You grant us mercy so that we
may serve You rev'rently, O Lord,
may serve You rev'rently.

I wait for You, my soul will wait—
my hope is in Your word.
Much more than watchmen wait for morn,
I wait, I wait for You, O Lord!
I wait for You, O Lord.

So set Your heart upon the Lord,
put hope in only Him—
with Him is full, unfailing love.
Redeem us from our sins, O Lord,
redeem us from our sins!

© 2020 Dustin Battles. Used by permission.