Tune: NEW PSALM 150

Words: Dan Kreider

Music: Dan Kreider

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Praise the Lord eternal
in His dwelling place!
Praise Him in the heavens,
mighty realms of space!
Praise Him for His power,
all His works and ways!
Excellent His greatness;
give Him highest praise!

Praise Him with the trumpets,
heralds of the King!
Lute and harp in chorus,
skillful hands will sing!
Praise Him with processions,
dance, and timbrel sound!
Strings and pipes, exalt Him;
let your praise abound!

Praise Him with the cymbals,
softer praise begin;
then with mighty crashing,
Praise Him once again!
Gather all creation,
shout in one accord;
all the living, breathing,
let them praise the Lord!
Words and Music: © 2020 Dan Kreider. All rights reserved.

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