Words: Josh Sparkman

Music: Josh Sparkman

This is a new congregational hymn based on Psalm 57.

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O God, be merciful to me,
for I have put my trust in You.
I hide beneath Your outstretched wings
until the storms have passed from view.

The One to whom I cry
is God, the Lord Most High,
fulfilling all His plans for me;
O faithful God, show mercy!

From heaven He will send my help
and put to shame the trampling foe.
My God will send His steadfast love;
His faithfulness will be made known.

My soul engulfed by fears,
attacked by swords and spears.
O God, be praised above the heavens
and let Your glory fill the earth.

They set a net before my steps;
my soul bowed down in deep despair.
They dug a pit before my way
but stumbled into their own snare.

My heart is fixed, O God,
my heart is fixed, O God!
So I will sing a song of praise
and from my heart make melody!

Awake, O psaltery! Awake, O harp! Awake, my glory!
I will awake the dawn!

Now I will thank You, Lord Most High,
among the peoples sing Your praise,
for matchless is Your steadfast love;
it reaches to the heavens above!

Your faithfulness abounds,
extending to the clouds.
O God be praised above the heavens
and let Your glory fill the earth.

© 2018 by Josh Sparkman. All rights reserved.