Words: Layton Talbert

Music: Gesangbuch der Herzogl, 1784, alt.

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Rejoice, you righteous, in the Lord,
and sing a hymn of praise!
Make music now with heart and voice,
a skillful song now raise!
For true and faithful are His works,
and all His words are right!
All righteousness Jehovah loves,
in justice takes delight.

The heav'ns were made by His command,
the stars with but a word.
The sea He gathers in His hand—
its depths by Him are stored.
God spoke, and all the earth was made!
All people, fear the Lord!
O stand, all earth, in awe of Him,
and tremble at His word!

The nations of the earth may plan.
but men's designs shall fail.
The Lord shall foil all schemes of man;
no sinful thoughts prevail.
The counsels of the Lord shall stand;
they are forever sure.
The plans of Yahweh's heart are firm;
His chosen ones, secure.

From heav'n above the Lord looks down
on all the sons of men;
the small, and men of great renown,
He watches from His throne.
In sov'reign providence He moves
and fashions all their hearts;
considers all their works, and then
to each his own imparts.

An army cannot save a king,
nor rescue from the grave.
No mighty horse can safety bring—
God's hand alone can save!
Our souls wait only for the Lord,
our Helper and our Shield.
In Him alone we find our joy;
to none but Him we yield.
Words: © Layton Talbert. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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