Words: Ambrose of Milan, 4th cent.; German version, Martin Luther, 1523; tr. William M. Reynolds, 1880, alt.

Music: Enchiridia, Erfurt, 1524; harm. Seth Calvisius, 1594

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Verse 1:
1 Savior of the nations, come,
virgin's Son, make this Your home!
Marvel now, O heav'n and earth,
that the Lord chose such a birth.

Verse 2:
Not by human flesh and blood,
but the Spirit of our God,
did the Word of God come down
to a birth without renown.

Verse 3:
Wondrous birth! O wondrous Child
of the Virgin undefiled!
Tho' by all the world disowned,
still to be in heav'n enthroned.

Verse 4:
From the Father forth he came
and returned again the same,
captive leading death and hell -
high the song of triumph swell!

Verse 5:
You, the Father’s only Son,
over sin the vict’ry won.
Boundless shall Your kingdom be;
when shall we its glories see?

Verse 6:
Bright Your lowly manger shines,
glorious is its light divine.
Let not sin o’ercloud this light;
ever thus our faith be bright.

Verse 7:
Praise to God the Father sing,
praise to God the Son, our King,
praise to God the Spirit be
ever and eternally.