Words: David P. Regier

Music: Jean Sibelius, 1899

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The heav'ns declare the glory of the Lord;
The firmament proclaims itself His own.
Day unto day pours forth the eternal Word;
Night unto night, His knowledge is made known.
There are no words whose voice cannot be heard;
Their sound rings out and goes to all the earth.

This very Word, a dwelling for the sun,
Who ventures forth, a bridegroom in the morn.
Let him rejoice, a worthy race to run;
In going forth, a bright new day is born.
And in this day, no, none can hide his light,
Till ends his course to usher in the night.

Convert my soul, make wise this simple servant.
Rejoice my heart, enlighten now my view.
Endure forever, true and righteous judgment;
Brighter than gold, more sweet than honey's dew.
Thy law, Thy fear, Thy testimony pure,
Thy precepts right, and Thy commandments sure.

Thy servant warned, rewarded in their keeping;
Kept back from wrong, forgiven blame within.
My soul, be saved from sin's temptation creeping,
Then blameless rest, and innocent of sin.
Let all my words, my meditations seem
Fair to my Rock, in whom I am redeemed.
Words: © 2017 by David P. Regier. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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