Tune: NEW PSALM 19

Words: Thomas R. Birks, 1874, alt.

Music: Dan Kreider

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The heavens tell Your glory,
the stars declare Your pow'r;
from day to day the silent song
repeats from hour to hour.
Night unto night replying,
proclaims in every land,
O Lord, with voice undying,
the wonders of Your hand.

The sun with royal splendor
goes forth to shine Your praise;
the moon in watches of the night
returns its softer rays.
To every tribe and nation
the music is outpoured,
the song of all creation
to You, creation's Lord.

All heaven high rejoices
to do its Maker's will;
the stars with solemn voice afar
resound Your praises still.
So let my inner being,
each thought, each deed I do
be, Lord, my strength, my Savior,
a ceaseless song to You.
Music and words this version: © 2020 Dan Kreider. All rights reserved.

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