Words: Fred Anderson

Music: Adoniram Gordon, 1876

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The Lord answer you in your days of distress!
May God come from Zion, your troubles to bless.
May God send you help, give you strength for your needs,
rememb'ring your off'rings and merciful deeds.

The Lord grant to you the desires of your heart;
your hopes and your plans be success from the start.
May God give you vict'ry, and fill you with joy,
God's name on your banners as forth you deploy.

I know God's anointed is heard by the Lord,
who answers from heav'n with victorious reward.
Though some place great trust in their weapons of war,
the Lord is our trust and our pride evermore.

All those who take pride in the chariot and horse
will fall in their struggles, be lacking in force.
But we shall arise, and upright we shall stand,
held firm by the Lord God's victorious right hand.
Words: © 2016 Fred Anderson. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain.

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