Words: David P. Regier

Music: George N. Allen, 1850

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The Lord God reigns! Let earth rejoice;
Let all the islands sing;
Though clouds and darkness veil His face,
He is our righteous King.

His foes consumed by holy fire,
His lightning lights the world;
The earth shall quake, the mountains melt
Like wax before the Lord.

The heav'ns declare His righteousness;
His glory all behold.
Let all the wicked be ashamed;
Cast down your gods of gold.

How Judah's daughters, Zion's sons
Rejoice in great delight!
The Lord, in righteousness He reigns,
Exalted, God Most High.

Hate evil, you who love the Lord;
He shall His saints uphold.
For from the wicked He shall save
And keep your ransomed soul.

Such gladness waits for upright souls,
Such joy in light aflame!
Rejoice in God, you righteous ones,
And praise His holy name!

© 2019 by David P. Regier. All rights reserved. Used by permission.