Words: Thomas R. Birks, 1893, and Dale R. Eiderkin

Music: Traditional American folk tune

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The mighty God, the Lord, has spoken
and bids the trembling earth reply;
from rising sun through days unbroken,
He calls in thunder from the sky.
From Zion's gates, His glory shining,
in perfect beauty He appears;
in might and majesty combining,
bright are the diadems He wears.

A fiery stream flows out before Him,
and cloud and tempest veil His form;
unnumbered hosts of heav'n adore Him,
amid the darkness and the storm.
He speaks a word, and nations tremble;
heaven and earth obey His voice.
In solemn awe, His saints assemble,
who in His promises rejoice.

The skies declare His righteous power,
for God is Judge upon His throne.
"I testify against My people:
I am your God, and God alone!
Works of your hands you gladly render,
but none I need—I own them all:
the beast and bird of mountain splendor,
all those that swim, and soar, and crawl."

"I have no need of your providing;
the world is mine, and all within.
But bring your prayers, your vows abiding;
I will deliver you again."
The proud of heart, who seek to plunder
shall be destroyed, with none to save;
but those who kneel in awe and wonder
God shall deliver from the grave!

© 2020 Dale R. Eiderkin. Used by permission.