Words: Martin Leckebusch

Music: Stralsund Gesangbuch, 1665

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Joy comes to those who have trusted You, Lord, for salvation,
those who obey Your commands with unfeigned adoration.
This is our prayer: make us more fully aware
holiness is our vocation.

Joy comes to those who have brought up their children to fear You,
joy to observe how they live by the truth and revere You.
This is our prayer, Lord, for those under our care:
may they be constantly near You.

Joy comes to those who find bountiful giving a pleasure,
those who see justice and kindness as riches to treasure.
This is our prayer: Lord, make us eager to share;
make Your compassion our measure.

Joy comes to those who are sure they will not be forsaken,
those with no malice that life with its pains might awaken.
This is our prayer: when those who scorn You despair,
Lord, let our faith be unshaken.
Words: © Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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