Words: The Book of Psalms for Singing, alt.

Music: Henry F. Hemy, alt. James G. Walton

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Truly the Lord our God is good,
to everyone whose heart is pure;
but as for me, I nearly fell;
my footsteps were no longer sure;
for I was envious of the proud
and wicked ones, with wealth endowed.

For in their death no pain they know;
their strength is firm from day to day;
their hearts with worldly dreams o'erflow;
nor plagued as other men are they;
and surely I have toiled in vain
to keep my heart from every stain.

Then came I to the house of God;
there I perceived their bitter end;
You set their feet on slipp'ry ground;
and soon their judgment You will send;
how rapidly destroyed are they,
by sudden terrors swept away!

Yet evermore am I with You;
You hold me firm by my right hand;
through all my life my Counselor be;
graciously guide by Your command;
afterward take me to Your side,
ever to dwell in glory bright!

For whom have I in heav'n but You?
None else on earth I long to know;
my flesh may faint and weary be;
my heart may fail and heavy grow;
God is my song and strength of soul,
my only portion evermore.

© 1973 by Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. All rights reserved. Used by permission.