Words: Isaac Watts, alt.

Music: Harry T. Burleigh, 1939

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Up from my youth, may Israel say,
I have been nursed in tears;
my griefs were constant as the day,
and wearying as the years.

Up from my youth I bore the rage
of all the sons of strife;
they oft assailed my greater age,
but could not end my life.

Their cruel plow had torn my flesh
with furrows long and deep;
they daily caused me wounds afresh,
nor let my sorrows sleep.

The Lord was angry on His throne,
and, with impartial eye,
He judged the evils they had done,
and let His arrows fly.

How was their arrogance surprised
to hear His thunder roll,
and all the foes of Zion cried
with horror to the soul!

Thus shall the ones that hate the saints
be judged by God on high;
their glory fades, their courage faints,
and all their schemes shall die.
Words: This version © 2020 Grace Immanuel Bible Church
Music: Public domain

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