Words: Eileen Berry

Music: American folk melody, in The Sacred Harp, 1844

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For the God of my salvation,
for my rock, for God my own;
in this hour my soul is waiting
silently, for God alone.
While He shields me as a fortress,
shaken I will never be.
Tho' the foe assails the stronghold,
nothing can unsettle me.

Wait, my soul, in perfect stillness;
find your hope in God alone.
While you rest in His salvation,
you cannot be overthrown.
Wait, my soul, grow strong in waiting;
glory in your God, and rest;
meditate on His perfections,
read His comforts, and be blest.

Do not place your trust in riches,
nor in men of high degree;
hear the words your God has spoken:
"Pow'r to help belongs to Me."
Trust Him always, all His people;
pour your heart out at His throne.
God will be your rock, your refuge—
place your trust in Him alone.
Words: © 2015 Eileen Berry. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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