Music: Gregory de Blieck

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Were I to cross from land to land
And sail afar by sea
Descend the depths or climb the heights
My Lord remains with me

Before the blood ran in these veins
The days ordained for me
Were written in Your book O Lord
Before I came to be

I grieve to hear Your enemies
Speak hatred, Lord, of You
Long though they scheme with ill-intent
Their days are numbered too

How precious are Your thoughts to me
How countless, Lord, they are
More than the shores have grains of sand
More than the skies have stars

Come search and test this heart O Lord,
Dispel each anxious thought
And lead me onward evermore
To tread the path I ought

How blessed I am, so bound with love
Surrounded, yet so free
In doubt or blessing, life or death
My Lord remains with me

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