Words: The Psalter, 1912, alt.

Music: John Darwall, 1770

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When in His might the Lord
arose and set us free,
and Zion was restored
from her captivity,
in transports then of joy and mirth
we praised the Lord of all the earth.

The nations saw with fear
the might of God displayed,
when He at last drew near
to give His people aid;
great things for us the Lord has wrought,
and gladness to our hearts has brought.

Again refresh us, Lord,
with Your reviving love,
and be Your blessing poured
in mercy from above;
by grace revive our hearts again,
as streams refreshed by pouring rain.

Although with bitter tears
the sower bears his seed,
when harvest time appears
he shall be glad indeed;
for they that in the sowing weep
shall yet in joy and gladness reap.
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