Words: Henrietta Ten Harmsel, 1985

Music: Rheinfelssisch Deutsches Catholisches Gesangbuch, Augsburg, 1666

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When Israel fled from Egypt land,
from foreign tongue and cruel hand,
the Lord took Judah for His home
and Israel for His very own.

The sea rolled back to form dry land,
the Jordan fled at God's command.
The mountains shook and skipped like rams;
the hills leapt up like little lambs.

What made you part, O mighty sea?
Why, Jordan, did you turn to flee?
Why, mountains, shake, why skip like rams?
And hills, why leap like little lambs?

Now tremble, earth, the Lord is near;
bow down and see your God appear.
His might makes springs to gush and glow;
from flint the cooling waters flow.
Words: © 1987 CRC Publications. Used by permission.
Music: Public domain

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