Words: Martin Leckebusch

Music: Ray Hopp

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Whoever fears the Lord
and lives as God intends
will find the whole of life
is filled with gifts He sends.
When work is more than toil
and reaps a just reward,
when strength and health are ours,
all these are from the Lord!

We celebrate the joys
of home and family,
where love's enduring bonds
provide security.
God nurtures every child
for life's demanding race;
each day He offers us
new fruitfulness, new grace.

His kindness is revealed
where bitter conflicts cease;
far more, within our hearts,
His mercy brings us peace.
May God prolong our days
to see our children's heirs,
and may His gracious gifts
be ours, and also theirs.
Words: © 2003 Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Used by permission.
Music: © 2011 Roy Hopp. Used by permission.

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