Words: Adam Carlill, abridged

Music: Geistliche Volkslieder, 1850

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Why, our God, have You rejected,
poured Your wrath upon Your sheep?
Call to mind Your ransomed people,
see Your home in Zion’s keep.
Look towards the endless ruins,
all their shouting and disgrace,
foes who stand within Your temple,
planting standards in Your place.

You have given no more omens,
no more prophet, no more seer,
no-one to foretell the future.
How long shall we live in fear?
How much longer bear reproaches,
their blaspheming, evil curse?
Why do You not reach to save us,
make our brutal foes reverse?

But the God of our salvation
is our ancient King on earth.
You divided up the ocean,
bringing continents to birth;
fed that twisting, primal serpent
to the howling, desert scourge;
splitting spring and mighty torrent,
stemmed the overflowing surge.

In our darkness, full of violence,
call to mind Your covenant here.
Save Your needy folk from shame, to
praise You, free from dearth and fear.
Rise, our God; remember curses,
foes blaspheming, plead Your case.
Constant imprecations echo;
shame defiles Your holy place.
Words: © 2018 Psalms for the Common Era, Adam Carlill. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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