Words: Isaac Watts, 1719, alt.

Music: attr. Jeremiah Clarke, 1701

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With songs and honors sounding loud
address the Lord on high;
over the heav'ns He spreads His cloud,
and waters veil the sky.

He sends His rains of blessing down
to cheer the earth below;
He makes the grass the mountains crown,
and fields in valleys grow.

His steady counsels change the face
of each declining year;
He bids the sun cut short its race,
and winter's day appear.

His bitter frost, His falling snow,
descend and clothe the ground;
the streams of water cease their flow,
in icy fetters bound.

He sends His word and melts the snow,
the fields no longer mourn;
He calls the warmer wind to blow,
and bids the spring return.

The changing sun, the soaring cloud,
obey His mighty word;
with songs and honors sounding loud,
give praises to our Lord!