Words: Adam Carlill

Music: Felice de Giardini, 1769

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Worship the Lord, the King,
high over everything.
Worship the King,
girded in majesty,
strength and nobility,
vested with dignity.
Worship the King.

Wonders on earth unknown
form Your eternal throne;
You are our King.
Torrent and river flow,
rising to overthrow,
rising from long ago.
You, Lord, are King.

Thundering, mighty sea,
pounding in majesty,
river and spring—
You keep them all away,
binding them every day,
higher in every way.
You, Lord, are King.

You, Lord, are King for sure,
righteous in rule and law,
so we will sing:
temple of loveliness,
endless in holiness.
Ceaselessly we confess,
You, Lord, are King.
Words: © 2018 Psalms for the Common Era, Adam Carlill. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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