Words: Fred R. Anderson

Music: Hebrew melody, 17th cent.; adapt. Meyer Lyon, c. 1770, alt.

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Your honor is defiled,
Your holy place undone.
The godless have swept o'er the land;
Jerusalem is doomed.
Deliver us, O God!
Take back Your earthly throne.
In Your compassion, save us Lord!
Reclaim us as Your own.

Our neighbors' endless taunts
deride us night and day.
Why should these godless ones succeed?
Pour out Your wrath, we pray.
Come speedily to us,
and save us from their din.
Avenge Your people's suffering;
remember not our sin.

Why should the nations say,
"Where is their helpless God?"
Come demonstrate Your pow'r to save
and raise us from the sod.
Salvation is Your name;
for this You are well known.
Lord, for the glory of Your name
reclaim us as Your own.
Words: © 2016 Fred R. Anderson. All rights reserved.
Music: Public domain

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