2019 VBS music is posted!

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Because we love Christ and his Word, we also love the local church. Grace Music exists to serve the people of Grace Immanuel Bible Church and other like-minded churches by offering resources for corporate worship.


Sunday after Sunday, your musicians need sheet music. Grace music offers a searchable database of music for congregation, band, piano, choir, and orchestral instruments.

educational resources

Looking for tools to help you and your fellow musicians serve more effectively? We’re frequently adding resources to help people in the local church to understand how music works.


Grace Music 2.0 and a list of new resources

Over the past six years, Grace Music has grown exponentially. With so many new resources available, we knew it was time for an overhaul. We're thrilled to announce that Grace Music has been updated to a brand-new site, thanks to Grace at Work. The most significant...

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